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Calgary Farmers’ Market (West)

We’re open today 9am - 7pm

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25 Greenbriar Drive Northwest

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Find us

Calgary Farmers’ Market (West) location address

25 Greenbriar Drive Northwest
Calgary Alberta T3B 5X4

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Location hours

  • Monday - Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday - Saturday 9am - 7pm
  • Sunday 9am - 5pm

About Calgary Farmers’ Market (West) Location

Close to the West entrance of CFM West, We are a family-owned and operated ice cream shop in the heart of Calgary’s Northwest and this is our love story. We fell in love over ice cream and we want to spread the love, one scoop at a time.

How much do you love our ice cream?


  • Oyindamola rates our ice cream at

  • Debra rates our ice cream at

  • Canadian rates our ice cream at

    Canadian says:

    Artisan Coffee !

  • Tahira rates our ice cream at

  • Shelby rates our ice cream at

  • Alexey rates our ice cream at

    Alexey says:

    Love their selection of ice cream! Friendly staff. It is a good place to stop by at.

  • Jason rates our ice cream at

    Jason says:

    Lovely ice cream 🍦 shop! This is in Calgary’s Farmer’s Market West and serves an abundance of different ice creams. The flavour choices are pretty generic but they taste great! You can order different number of scoops on a cone…

  • KC rates our ice cream at

    KC says:

    My kids love this place

  • Kim rates our ice cream at

    Kim says:

    Cute little shop, excellent service, and delicious flavors! The coconut was the best I’ve ever tasted! It will be our go to from now on! 😀

  • Shelley rates our ice cream at

    Shelley says:

    Adore this ice-cream shop, and the owners are fantastic too!

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