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Caramel Crunch (No Sugar Added)

  • GF


  • Kids’
  • Kids’
  • Single
  • Double
  • Pint

Cone Type

  • Regular
  • Waffle
  • Cup


  • Regular
Availability: Flavours vary between locations. We currently don't have a way to have up to date stock information on the website (but we're working on it). Contact us with questions.
Flavour Category


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Caramel frozen desert with pecans and an NSA caramel ribbon.

Taste Tags

Buttermilk, Maltitol syrup, Cream, Skim milk powder, Pecans, Cottonseed oil, Water, Modified corn starch, Salt, Natural and artificial flavour, Mono & diglycerides, Guar gum, Xanthan gum, Carrageenan, Sucralose (1.64 mg/188 mL), Sodium citrate, Citric acid, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Caramel

milk, tree nuts

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